Monday, May 09, 2011

Two bad old terms for MCS resurface

I cannot believe it, but some people are calling "Environmental Illness" the newest name for MCS. It's not. It's an old term from the days when no one a clue what MCS was. All people knew back then was that something in the environment made some people sick.

And on top of that, Cynthia heard someone calling MCS "Chemical Allergies." That is a truly crap term. It mixes technical inaccuracy with confusing terminology. MCS is not an allergy; it is not immune system mediated. Best current research says it is a metabolic and neurologic disorder, probably rooted in damage to the Redox System.

The Redox System is made up of several systems (or sub-systems) that deal with breaking down toxins in various parts of the body so they can be flushed out. When the body cannot break down and eliminate toxins, even very small amounts of toxic chemicals can wreak havoc and cause damage. Sound familiar?

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