Saturday, August 23, 2008

GM-resistant pests

I just read an article about bugs becoming resistant to the genetically modified crops that were supposed to be pest resistant. This has the potential to become super serious. It means that crops that have built-in pesticide will have to be sprayed anyway. It also means that the chemical companies that developed these crops will be doing the "new and improved" 2-step to correct their mistakes. And farmers here and abroad will go insane and broke trying to keep up.

It will also make it harder and harder to avoid genetically engineered foods. For those who have MCS or are chemically sensitive, or those who are just trying to be cautious in our polluted world, organics are becoming more important and at the same time more difficult to produce.

If you can, find and support organic growers in your area — or national growers too. It's one way to fight the growing crapification of our air and water.