Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Problem with the link in the Ontario Ministry of Health story in OTT

In January's lead story in Our Toxic Times, there is a link in the paragraph under the headline that points to the Canadian document that is the subject of the story. That link has a problem. Clicking on the link below in this post will take you straight to the document.

Ontario Ministry of Health and
Long-Term Care Is Taking MCS, CFS,
and FM Seriously

Time for Leadership: Recognizing and Improving Care for those with
ME/CFS, FM and ES/MCS by the Task Force on Environmental Health
Phase 1 Report by Howard Hu, MD, Task Force Chair, July 2017
The report is available at: 

 However, the problem is easy to fix so you do not need to come to this blog each time. Keep reading.

The problem is that because the link appears to brake over two lines, it actually does not contain the information on the second line and thus will only take you part way to the document. Clicking the link will take you to a page on the Canadian site where you will find reference to and a link to the document.

If you copy the link from the PDF version of OTT, there will be a space in the link address at the point it rolls to the next line, so when you paste it into a browser, simply REMOVE the space after "reports/" and it will take you straight to the document. Sorry for this inconvenience.

The document is 58 pages long and well worth a look.