Sunday, February 13, 2011

Apps I like

For no apparent reason, I want to take note of a few small applications I like. Bear in mind that I am still using Windows XP. Here they are in no particular order:

PrintKey 2000 - It makes the usually useless PrintScreen key really handy for copying whatever is on your screen.

Agent Ransack - A very fast search tool for finding files on your computer. It blows the doors off of Windows built-in search feature.

eCleaner - For copying text out of e-mails and other places, and getting rid of all the extra crap that gets copied like indent marks, formatting marks, and headers.

UK's Kalender - A very functional but not overly tricked out calendar program.

I've also used these (except the Kalender)on Vista machines without problems. In some ways, Vista and Windows 7 seem to have usable alternatives built in.