Monday, July 26, 2010

To fight the SPAM problem at CIIN

At CIIN we have gotten more and more unwanted/crap/malicious e-mail to the point that we have had to activate an anti-spam program called BoxTrapper. As a practical matter, that means messages sent to us will probably get an automated message requiring the sender to simply hit "reply" in order to prove the message comes from a person and not a program.

It is an inconvenience, but once the person replies to the automated message, their original message goes through — no further action needed. Also, this a one-time thing. The sender should not have to do this again unless they send from a different account.

By the way, this has dramatically cut down on the junk e-mails we get.

This brings up a point to consider, do not just assume that your e-mails get to their destination. BoxTrapper is one of many anti-spam programs out there. Some are better and more convenient than others. If a message is important and you get no response, follow up in some way. There are too many ways an e-mail can go astray.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Surviving MCS

Dr.Robert Mayer's book on the basics of surviving MCS seems to have hit the spot with many people. Right now it is only available through CIIN, the book's publisher. If you know of anyone in need of basic info on dealing with life with chemical sensitivities, point them to us at 406-547-2255, or It could be a great help to them.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Basics of Surviving Chemical Sensitivity

CIIN has started selling their new book by Dr. Robert S. Mayer, "Strategies for Surviving Chemical Sensitivity — the Basics." It is the book MCS sufferers have been needing forever.

The book comes from Dr. Mayer's own trail-and-error experiences living with MCS as well as from tons of suggestions from over a thousand people who responded to the question, "What Works?" Some of these suggestions have also appeared in the monthly newsletter, "Our Toxic Times."

Anyone who is stricken with chemical sensitivities needs help just learning how to make the knid of changes in their lives that will allow them to survive. It can be done, but only those who have gone before can be expected to know the tricks. I wish like hell my wife had this book in 1987.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

MCS = redox damage

It seems there is research out of Italy linking Multiple Chemical Sensitivities with damage to the redox system. More on this will appear in Our Toxic Times when the research becomes available here. Until we see the research, that is all for now on this subject.

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