Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Very successful workshop

The workshop was more successful than even I hoped. 33 doctors from across the U.S. and from 6 other countries sat down and worked together and learned how much is actually known about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. As an opening salvo in setting about creating a case definition for MCS, this was ex-cellent. Ten doctors now have the task of writing up a definition. The whole process could take months, but the wheels are now turning.

Also at the workshop, 2 doctors were able to present information about new, as yet unpublished, research. Those were Dr. Robert Haley and Dr. Mohamed Abou-Donia. Dr. Haley's info was good news about identifying brain injuries in Gulf War vets. Dr. Abou-Donia's was scary news about long term brain cell death from exposures to several chemicals, including DEET — found in many bug repellants.

In spite of the toll the workshop preparation and this trip took on Cynthia, it appears to have been well worth the effort. Now we wait to see the product: a scientifically based case definition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that can help researchers and ignorant doctors world-wide.