Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Unsettled Our Toxic Times schedule

Due to technical issues at the end of last year, and more recently, health issues at CIIN, the publishing schedule of OTT is way out of wack. We have put out two issues so far this year: Jan/Feb and March. We were working on getting a June issue out, but it is pretty late for that. IF things go as planned, we will have the next issue out the door in early July. We do apologize for this, but MCS can be very unforgiving.

In the meantime, our office is open its usual hours: 
Monday thru Wednesday, 10am until 5pm, and
Thursday and Friday, 10am until noon.
We are in the Mountain Time Zone.

On a brighter note, we have just recently put up our new web site. Same address: ciin.org. The old site had not been updated in maybe 10 years. The new one is designed to be friendly for small format devices like tablets and phones. Research by our Web Master indicates that a very high proportion of users are now searching the web using those small format devices. 

No major change like this goes without problems that need adjusting. If you run into any issues in trying to navigate the new site, please send a brief note to John at: JOHNW@CIIN.ORG. Use the subject line "web site issue" so I can identify these messages quickly.

Thanks for being patient (unless you are not being patient) as we work our way through this rough period.