Thursday, February 25, 2010

More exposure, more damage, more symptoms

It seems that periodically this must be said to those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS): Do not challenge toxic environments if you are chemically sensitive! Do not go to a movie under the assumption that you will just put up with feeling crappy for a few days. Do not go to the hair dresser thinking it will be worth a few days of being sick to look good. Do not put yourself in contaminated areas thinking you can put up with the reactions -- except in an emergency, of course.

It is sad, depressing, inconvenient for sure, but each exposure beats up on the body a little more, and each exposure risks significantly adding to the damage that is MCS.

Whether you call it MCS or chemical hyper-sensitivity or environmental illness, the illness is caused by damage to the body's systems that are supposed to protect you. To put it super simply, more exposure, more damage, more symptoms.

Over the 20 years Chemical Injury Information Network has been in existence, we have talked to thousands of people who tell us some version of the refrain: That place or product didn't use to bother me. MCS is certainly progressive if exposures continue. Don't take chances if it is not absolutely necessary.