Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 Books for Sale at CIIN

Speaking of the print vs digital world, CIIN sells 3 books on its web site:

1. Dr. Mayer's book, "Strategies for Surviving Chemical Sensitivity, the basics" This is a new book that has been out less than a year, and has gotten very good feedback from our members.

2. Cynthia's book on chemical injury, "Chemical Exposure and Human Health" which is probably the best work on chemical health issues ever written by a lay person. It is no longer in print, but CIIN has gotten a few used, good condition copies.

3. The workbook from the San Francisco workshop on a case definition for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. At 730 pages, this is the best collection of papers on MCS, and our supply is limited. It was the starting point for the doctors and researchers who came to San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

Used copies of the Chemical Exposure book were $75 to $90 on the web 3 years ago. Lots cheaper from CIIN now.

camgirls said...
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