Tuesday, September 03, 2019

EMF tidbit about tablets

I know very little about electrical sensitivities, but I hear things occasionally that may be of interest to those who suffer from them.

One such thing is, I have been told by a small number of people that they found tablet computers were more tolerable than either desktop or laptop computers. Two people actually said they felt no reactions from a tablet. The most recent such report I got was just over a year ago, and in no case was a brand name mentioned.

I must emphasize that I have no way of knowing how accurate this information is, or if it will apply to newer tablets going forward.

Any person who is electrically sensitive is probably not reading this, but if you know someone who suffers from EMFs, you might consider passing this on. And if you do pass it on, also pass on that I do not know this for a fact. This is just something I have heard.  -JW