Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Update on the demise of Our Toxic Times newsletter

Sorry for my delay getting this letter from Cynthia about what has happened at CIIN on the blog. Things have not been going well, but they are improving AT A SNAIL'S PACE. We do not anticipate restarting the newsletter. Keeping the web site and phone line going will depend on funding. I think Cynthia's letter below tells all you need to know about what has happened. Take care.  -john

Dear Friends, Members, and Business Associates:

 It is with great sadness that John and I have decided to close, at least partially, the Chemical Injury Information Network. The most obvious result of this decision will be the suspension of publishing Our Toxic Times.

 Last April, I almost died. By sheer luck we discovered I was reacting to paper – all paper. Once John removed all the books and other papers from our bedroom and bathrooms, I began to slowly recover. Though, any exposure to paper can start a nightmare reaction lasting four days or more.

 Bless John’s heart – he’s been working hard devising solutions to my paper problem, but to be honest, he hasn’t been able to find a solution to deal with my fear. And I am terrified.

 In the midst of this dilemma, John took a fall. At 73-years old, falls can be dangerous, and this fall was textbook bad. John got a grade three concussion and has a compression fracture of his T-7 vertebrae. His back will take three to four months to heal, and the concussion is also expected to take about three to four months to heal, if things go well. Unfortunately, they aren’t going well, and John’s been told it could take up to a year for him to completely recover.

 We do intend to keep the website up and current. We also hope to keep CIIN’s phone line open and to provide MCS sufferers access to the literature we’ve amassed. We hope eventually another 501(c)3 will want to take over CIIN’s extensive library.

 It has been a pleasure to have been of service.

 Sincerely,   Cynthia and John Wilson

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