Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Another MCS/Porphyria & drugs update

This is an update to information on drugs in the March 25, 2015 posting below.

For those who are interested in drugs and MCS, especially those who have looked here before, the South Africa Porphyria web site has made some good changes that will be helpful to MCSers looking for guidance about what drugs may be usable for the chemically sensitive.

Look at the Professionals link, and click on Prescribing in Porphyria.

Please keep in mind a couple of things:
1--Porphyria and MCS are not identical, but Porphyria guidelines regarding drugs have proven very helpful for those with MCS.
2--Porphyria organizations are generally not supportive of MCS. MCS sufferers tend to trigger symptoms at much lower porphyrin levels than regular Porphyria patients.
3--Do not expect MCS or environmental illness to be mentioned on any Porphyria web site, but their drug lists and protocols have proven helpful.


p.s. Antibiotics are commonly referred to under the heading "anti-ineffective."

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