Thursday, August 07, 2014

Drug lists for MCSers revised

Please see the March 25, 2015 post for more current information.
We've told people for some time about 2 web sites that list drugs and whether or not they should be safe or safer for MCS. One of the sites, the one from Merck, is still up and running.

The other one, from the South Africa porphyria organization, seems to be down, gone. That is the one we preferred as it looked to be easier to use and more extensive. But do not be afraid. CIIN has copies of that list, and on the Internet, it can still be found via The Wayback Machine.

If you do not know about the Wayback Machine, you probably should. It is a service that takes snapshots of web sites and stores them in an archive — in theory all publicly accessible sites can be collected. Over time, zillions of sites are stored so they can be retrieved to see what sites used to look like, especially in the case of sites that are gone from the active web.

Anyway, you can get the South Africa list through The Wayback Machine at:*/

To learn more about The Wayback Machine, try Wikipedia at:

My original post about the Porphyria lists and why they are important for MCS sufferers is in a previous post on September 19, 2012. Please read that, and there is a more recent and revised post updating the whole set of resources.

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