Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A hotel suitable for MCS

Sometimes we find good news. Here is part of a message from one of our members about finding a hotel in Seattle that she could stay in:

"I thought I would pass this on. The Washington Toxics Coalition recommended the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle (Tel: 206-695-1234) as a possible non-toxic hotel room. They are environmentally friendly, with sustainable designs, saving measures and healthy products. From a search of the hotel, I found that their housekeeping staff uses chemical-free cleaners. When I called, they said they use cleaners, but would be willing to make accommodations. From calling CIIN today, I got the tip to ask for this, which I greatly appreciated. They are more than willing to steam clean the room and use only chemical-free products."

No guarantees, of course, but if it works for one chemically sensitive person, the odds look good for it working for more of us. And it indicates that asking for these kinds of accommodations is getting less weird in the eyes of the "normal" public.

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Jennifer said...

Hi there - as someone who is chemically sensitive, I always like to hear about possible safer places to stay. So, thanks. I wanted to let you know about our small inn in Socorro, New Mexico ( We use only natural cleaners and detergents, no pesticides, etc. We request that our guests don't wear perfume or cologne while staying with us. We can't guarantee that previous guests haven't used other scented products, but we do provide natural personal care products, to reduce this likelihood. We also open all windows and air the suite out in between guests. Best, Jennifer @ The Prickly Pear Inn, Socorro, NM