Friday, May 05, 2006

Uncomfortable but true

    It is uncomfortable but true that some chemical exposures can make people appear to be crazy — just plain nuts. However, remove the exposure and the “nuts” goes away. I’ve seen it happen over and over.
    There is a second “however” to deal with. Over time, exposures take a toll — and it can become a permanent toll — on a person’s mental state. Sadly, we have witnessed downward spirals in some people that leave them no longer able to think, or talk coherently. By that time, any recovery is going to be uncertain and a long time coming.

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Lynn said...

Hi John:
recent genetic testing specific to detoxification pathways has proven extremely valuable for me to figure out where my body needs support for the exposures that cause me not only physical problems but also emotional/mental challenges. It sounds like the genetic testing is becoming more available mostly due to the adverse affects that antidepressants have proven on so many individuals. Mayo Clinic announced a couple of years ago that P450 testing provides insight for perscribing proper medications and doses according to a patient's ability to metabolize. I believe everyone who is taking perscription drugs needs to request their physicians do the testing so they can be assured that the medications won't cause further harm. I am medication sensitive and now I know positively why. thanks,Lynn